The 20th Anniversary of IMSH will introduce you to a global community of 3,000+ physicians, nurses, educators, administrators, center operations directors, technology specialists and other healthcare providers involved in medical simulation. The Expo Hall is a true testament to the Power of Simulation, featuring manikin and computer-based simulation, VR, AR, task trainers, learning management systems, digital applications and games, IT solutions, and so much more.

Exhibit Sales open August 26, 2019. Space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

IMSH 2020 Floor Plan

Are you Driven by the Future? Join us as an IMSH 2020 exhibitor!

2020 Exhibitor List

Booth Exhibitor Web URL
107 3-Dmed http://www.3-Dmed.comĀ 
919 3B Scientific https://www.3bscientific.comĀ 
701 3D Systems Simbionix http://www.simbionix.comĀ 
127 7-Sigma, Inc. https://7-s3.comĀ 
114 Accurate srl http://www.accuratesolutions.it/en/Ā 
910 ACDET LLC http://www.acdet.comĀ 
719 Adam,Rouilly http://www.adam-rouilly.co.ukĀ 
126 Adtalem Global Educati0n http://mmersivelx.comĀ 
819 Anatomage http://www.anatomage.com
1117 Arch Virtual http://www.archvirtual.com/medicalĀ 
1102 Archetype Innovations/EHR Go http://www.ehrgo.comĀ 
1036 ArchieMD http://www.archiemd.com/Ā 
128 ATI Nursing Education http://www.atitesting.comĀ 
1104 Avkin http://www.avkin.comĀ 
603 B-Line Medical, a Laerdal Company https://blinemedical.com/Ā 
1033 Berale of Teldan Group https://www.simboost.com/index.htmlĀ 
1107 Biomed Simulation, Inc. http://www.biomedsimulation.comĀ 
627 Body Interact https://www.bodyinteract.comĀ 
137 Boise State University School of Nursing https://www.boisestate.edu/healthsciences-simulation/sgcp/Ā 
1132 BreakAway Games http://www.breakawaygames.comĀ 
813 Breakthrough Learning https://fridaynightattheer.com/Ā 
326 BT Inc. http://www.btinc.co.krĀ 
302 CAE Healthcare http://www.cae.comĀ 
133 Cathi GmbH http://www.cathi.de/en/home-pageĀ 
1135 CEDARS SINAI https://www.cedars-sinai.org/education/simulation.htmlĀ 
1131 Center for Medical SImulation https://harvardmedsim.org/Ā 
734 Charles River Analytics Inc. https://www.cra.comĀ 
116 Crises Research Center - HybridLab inc. http://www.hybridlab.comĀ 
1026 DiaMedical USA Equipment LLC http://www.diamedicalusa.comĀ 
815 Drexel Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation http://www.drexel.eduĀ 
908 Dynasthetics http://www.dynasthetics.comĀ 
226 ECHO HEALTHCARE INC http://www.echosimulation.comĀ 
219 Education Management Solutions https://www.simulationiq.com/Ā 
1121 Epimed https://www.epimed.com/Ā 
1101 FLASIC - FederaciĆ³n Latinoamericana de SimulaciĆ³n ClĆ­nica en Seguridad del paciente A.C http://www.flasic.orgĀ 
1103 Ford AV http://www.fordav.comĀ 
310 Gaumard Scientific https://www.gaumard.comĀ 
634 Health Care Engineering Systems University of Illinois Urbana Champaign http://www.healtheng.illinois.eduĀ 
811 Health Scholars http://www.healthscholars.comĀ 
120 i-Human patients by Kaplan https://www.i-human.comĀ 
236 ImmersiveTouch Inc https://www.immersivetouch.com/Ā 
203 IngMar Medical, LLC https://www.ingmarmed.comĀ 
334 Inovus Medical https://www.inovus.orgĀ 
205 Intelligent Ultrasound North America, Inc. http://www.intelligentultrasound.comĀ 
118 Intelligent Video Solutions https://ipivs.comĀ 
102 International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) http://www.inacsl.orgĀ 
1010 INVIDIA Medical http://www.invidia-medical.deĀ 
527 iSimulate http://www.isimulate.comĀ 
111 JC3--Johnson County Community College http://www.jccc.edu/SAFingerĀ 
303 KbPort http://www.kbport.comĀ 
912 Kitware https://www.kitware.comĀ 
206 Kognito http://www.kognito.comĀ 
727 Kyoto Kagaku America Inc. http://www.kkamerica-inc.comĀ 
502 Laerdal Medical http://www.laerdal.comĀ 
905 Lecat's Ventriloscope, LLC http://www.ventriloscope.comĀ 
711 Level 3 Healthcare https://www.level3healthcare.com/Ā 
419 Limbs & Things http://www.limbsandthings.comĀ 
110 Maximum Fidelity Surgical Simulations, LLC http://www.maximumfidelitysurgicalsimulations.comĀ 
136 Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Center https://college.mayo.edu/academics/simulation-centers/Ā 
106 MedAffinity http://www.medaffinity.comĀ 
635 Medical Shipment http://www.medicalshipment.comĀ 
827 Medical X http://www.medical-x.comĀ 
1032 MedicFX Http://www.medicfx.com
327 Medvision https://www.medvisiongroup.com/Ā 
119 Mentice https://www.mentice.com/Ā 
1001 MOCK MEDICAL, LLC http://www.mockmedical.comĀ 
519 Nasco Healthcare Nasco/Simulaids http://www.enasco.comĀ 
232 Noldus Information Technology http://www.noldus.comĀ 
1008 Northern Digital Inc. https://www.ndigital.com/Ā 
914 Objectivity Plus https://www.ObjectivityPlus.com/Ā 
907 Operative Experience, Inc. http://operativeexperience.comĀ 
227 ORSIM by Airway Simulation Limited http://www.orsim.co.nzĀ 
900 OtoSim Inc. https://www.otosim.comĀ 
335 Oxford Medial Simulation https://oxfordmedicalsimulation.com/Ā 
1037 Pacific Research Laboratories/Sawbones https://www.sawbones.com/Ā 
735 Paradigm Medical Systems https://www.paradigmmedicalsystems.com/Ā 
619 Pocket NurseĀ® https://www.pocketnurse.com/Ā 
105 Polhemus https://polhemus.com/Ā 
104 PolyUnity Inc http://www.polyunity.comĀ 
204 PureMedSim Technology Group http://www.puremedsim.comĀ 
113 Remedy Simulation Group http://www.remedysim.comĀ 
1027 SECTRA AB http://www.sectra.comĀ 
737 Sim*Vivo http://www.sim-vivo.comĀ 
605 SIMCharacters http://www.simcharacters.comĀ 
130 SimGHOSTS: The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists https://www.simghosts.orgĀ 
510 Simulab Corporation https://www.simulab.com/Ā 
109 Simulated Surgical Systems http://www.simulatedsurgicals.comĀ 
427 SimX VR http://www.simxar.comĀ 
1115 SOFA Framework - Inria https://www.sofa-framework.org/Ā 
1019 SonoSim, Inc. http://www.sonosim.comĀ 
103 Stanford ā€“ Center for Advanced Pediatric and Perinatal Education (CAPE) https://cape.stanford.edu/Ā 
229 Stealth Simulation http://www.stealthsimulation.comĀ 
1126 Stratasys https://www.stratasys.com/Ā 
1018 Surgical Science, INC https://surgicalscience.comĀ 
100 SurgiReal Products, Inc https://www.surgireal.comĀ 
935 Swemac Simulation AB http://www.swemac.comĀ 
1020 Syndaver Labs http://www.syndaver.comĀ 
202 Team PCS NA LLC http://www.pcs.aiĀ 
112 The Apprentice Corporation http://www.TheApprenticeDoctor.comĀ 
210 The Chamberlain Group https://www.thecgroup.com/Ā 
1100 The Debriefing Academy http://www.thedebriefingacademy.comĀ 
1119 The Surgery Studio, LLC http://www.TheSurgeryStudio.comĀ 
108 Tobii Pro https://www.tobiipro.comĀ 
1012 Touch of Life Technologies http://www.toltech.netĀ 
901 TraumaFX Solutions, Inc. https://www.traumafx.net/homeĀ 
801 Trucorp Http://Www.trucorp.comĀ 
234 UbiSim https://www.ubisimvr.comĀ 
1005 University of Alabama at Birmingham http://www.uab.edu/simĀ 
319 University of Miami Gordon Center for Simulation & Innovation in Medical Education http://www.gcrme.miami.eduĀ 
132 V4EMS (SmartManĀ®) http://www.smartman.biz/Ā 
933 VATA http://www.vatainc.comĀ 
1127 Vcom3D http://www.vcom3d.comĀ 
937 Veralta Group, LLC https://www.veraltagroup.com/Ā 
218 VirtaMed AG https://www.virtamed.comĀ 
927 VRmagic Inc. http://www.vrmagic.comĀ 
1003 Wallcur https://www.wallcur.com/Ā 
101 WISER https://www.wiser.pitt.edu/default.aspĀ 
208 Wolters Kluwer http://www.lww.comĀ 

Interested in exhibiting? Email Olivia Rosace, Meetings & Exhibits Coordinator