The 20th Anniversary of IMSH will introduce you to a global community of 3,000+ physicians, nurses, educators, administrators, center operations directors, technology specialists and other healthcare providers involved in medical simulation. The Expo Hall is a true testament to the Power of Simulation, featuring manikin and computer-based simulation, VR, AR, task trainers, learning management systems, digital applications and games, IT solutions, and so much more.

Exhibit Sales open August 26, 2019. Space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

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2020 Exhibitor List




107 3-Dmed http://www.3-Dmed.com
919 3B Scientific https://www.3bscientific.com
701 3D Systems Simbionix http://www.simbionix.com
127 7-Sigma, Inc. https://7-s3.com
114 Accurate srl http://www.accuratesolutions.it/en/
910 ACDET LLC http://www.acdet.com
719 Adam,Rouilly http://www.adam-rouilly.co.uk
126 Adtalem Global Educati0n http://immersivelx.com
819 Anatomage http://www.anatomage.com
1117 Arch Virtual http://www.archvirtual.com/medical
1102 Archetype Innovations/EHR Go http://www.ehrgo.com
1036 ArchieMD http://www.archiemd.com/
1129 Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) http://www.aspeducators.org
128 ATI Nursing Education http://www.atitesting.com
1104 Avkin http://www.avkin.com
603 B-Line Medical, a Laerdal Company https://blinemedical.com/
1033 Berale of Teldan Group https://simboost.com
1107 Biomed Simulation, Inc. http://www.biomedsimulation.com
836 BioMojo LLC https://biomojo.com/
627 Body Interact https://www.bodyinteract.com
137 Boise State University School of Nursing https://www.boisestate.edu/healthsciences-simulation/sgcp/
1132 BreakAway Games http://www.breakawaygames.com
813 Breakthrough Learning https://fridaynightattheer.com/
119 BT Inc. http://www.btinc.co.kr
302 CAE Healthcare http://www.cae.com
133 CATHI GmbH http://www.cathi.de/en/home-page
1135 CEDARS SINAI https://www.cedars-sinai.org/education/simulation.html
1131 Center for Medical SImulation https://harvardmedsim.org/
734 Charles River Analytics Inc. https://www.cra.com
236 Clinical expo https://medilazer.net/
116 Crises Research Center - HybridLab inc. http://www.hybridlab.com
1026 DiaMedical USA Equipment LLC http://www.diamedicalusa.com
815 Drexel Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation http://www.drexel.edu
908 Dynasthetics http://www.dynasthetics.com
226 ECHO HEALTHCARE INC http://www.echosimulation.com
219 Education Management Solutions https://www.simulationiq.com/
1121 Epimed https://www.epimed.com/
1136 eTrainetc, LLC http://www.etrainhealthcare.com
1101 FLASIC - Federación Latinoamericana de Simulación Clínica en Seguridad del paciente A.C http://www.flasic.org
1103 Ford AV http://www.fordav.com
1134 Foundation for Healthcare Simulation Safety https://healthcaresimulationsafety.org
310 Gaumard Scientific https://www.gaumard.com
1035 GEOTAR Manufacturing LLC http://www.leonardo-dental.com/
536 GIGXR Http://gigxr.com
634 Health Care Engineering Systems University of Illinois Urbana Champaign http://www.healtheng.illinois.edu
811 Health Scholars http://www.healthscholars.com
120 i-Human patients by Kaplan https://www.i-human.com
203 IngMar Medical, LLC https://www.ingmarmed.com
835 Innosonian America LLC http://www.innosonian.us
334 Inovus Medical https://www.inovus.org
205 Intelligent Ultrasound North America, Inc. http://www.intelligentultrasound.com
118 Intelligent Video Solutions https://ipivs.com
437 Interact Solutions http://www.interactsolution.com
102 International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) http://www.inacsl.org
1010 INVIDIA Medical http://www.invidia-medical.de
527 iSimulate http://www.isimulate.com
111 JC3--Johnson County Community College http://www.jccc.edu/SAFinger
303 KbPort http://www.kbport.com
1133 Khalifa University https://www.ku.ac.ae
912 Kitware https://www.kitware.com
206 Kognito http://www.kognito.com
434 KOKEN CO., LTD. http://www.kokenmpc.co.jp/english/index.html
727 Kyoto Kagaku America Inc. http://www.kkamerica-inc.com
502 Laerdal Medical http://www.laerdal.com
534 Laparo Sp. z o.o. http://www.laparo.pl
905 Lecat's Ventriloscope, LLC http://www.ventriloscope.com
711 Level 3 Healthcare https://www.level3healthcare.com/
419 Limbs & Things http://www.limbsandthings.com
110 Maximum Fidelity Surgical Simulations, LLC http://www.maximumfidelitysurgicalsimulations.com
136 Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Center https://college.mayo.edu/academics/simulation-centers/
106 MedAffinity http://www.medaffinity.com
635 Medical Shipment http://www.medicalshipment.com
827 Medical X http://www.medical-x.com
1032 MedicFX Http://www.medicfx.com
837 MEDICOR LAB http://www.medicor-lab.com
327 Medvision https://www.medvisiongroup.com/
326 Mentice https://www.mentice.com/
1001 MOCK MEDICAL, LLC http://www.mockmedical.com
519 Nasco Healthcare http://nascohealthcare.com/
435 National Training & Simulation Association http://www.trainingsystems.org
232 Noldus Information Technology http://www.noldus.com
537 North American Rescue Simulation http://www.tommanikin.com
1008 Northern Digital Inc. (NDI) https://www.ndigital.com/
914 Objectivity Plus https://www.ObjectivityPlus.com/
907 Operative Experience, Inc. http://operativeexperience.com
227 ORSIM by Airway Simulation Limited http://www.orsim.co.nz
900 OtoSim Inc. https://www.otosim.com
335 Oxford Medial Simulation https://oxfordmedicalsimulation.com/
1037 Pacific Research Laboratories/Sawbones https://www.sawbones.com/
735 Paradigm Medical Systems https://www.paradigmmedicalsystems.com/
202 PCS http://www.pcs.ai
1127 Phokus Research Group https://www.phokusresearch.com/
619 Pocket Nurse¬ģ https://www.pocketnurse.com/
105 Polhemus https://polhemus.com/
104 PolyUnity Inc http://www.polyunity.com
135 Psychology Software Tools https://www.pstnet.com
204 PureMedSim Technology Group/AUG Global http://www.puremedsim.com
113 Remedy Simulation Group http://www.remedysim.com
1027 SECTRA AB http://www.sectra.com
436 Shadow Health, Inc. https://shadowhealth.com/
535 SIM Medical B.V. http://www.sim-medical.com
737 Sim*Vivo http://www.sim-vivo.com
605 SIMCharacters http://www.simcharacters.com
130 SimGHOSTS: The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists https://www.simghosts.org
510 Simulab Corporation https://www.simulab.com/
109 Simulated Surgical Systems http://www.simulatedsurgicals.com
427 SimX VR http://www.simxar.com
1019 SonoSim, Inc. http://www.sonosim.com
103 Stanford - Center for Advanced Pediatric and Perinatal Education (CAPE) https://cape.stanford.edu/
229 Stealth Simulation http://www.stealthsimulation.com
1126 Stratasys https://www.stratasys.com/
1018 Surgical Science, INC https://surgicalscience.com
100 SurgiReal Products, Inc https://www.surgireal.com
935 Swemac Simulation AB http://www.swemac.com
1020 SynDaver Labs http://www.syndaver.com
112 The Apprentice Corporation http://www.TheApprenticeDoctor.com
210 The Chamberlain Group https://www.thecgroup.com/
1100 The Debriefing Academy http://www.thedebriefingacademy.com
1119 The Surgery Studio, LLC http://www.TheSurgeryStudio.com
231 ThinkMed Consulting https://thinkmedconsulting.com/
108 Tobii Pro https://www.tobiipro.com
1012 Touch of Life Technologies http://www.toltech.net
1115 Trauma Simulation Group http://www.traumasim.net
901 TraumaFX Solutions, Inc. https://www.traumafx.net/home
801 Trucorp http://www.trucorp.com
234 UbiSim https://www.ubisimvr.com
1005 University of Alabama at Birmingham http://www.uab.edu/sim
319 University of Miami Gordon Center for Simulation & Innovation in Medical Education http://www.gcrme.miami.edu
132 V4EMS (SmartMan¬ģ) http://www.smartman.biz/
933 VATA http://www.vatainc.com
235 Vcom3D http://vcom3d.com
937 Veralta Group, LLC https://veraltagroup.com/
218 VirtaMed AG https://www.virtamed.com
1137 Virti https://virti.com
927 VRmagic Inc. http://www.vrmagic.com
1003 Wallcur https://www.wallcur.com/
101 WISER https://www.wiser.pitt.edu/default.asp
208 Wolters Kluwer http://www.lww.com
834 Your Design Medical http://www.yourdesignmedical.com

Interested in exhibiting? Email Olivia Rosace, Meetings & Exhibits Coordinator

Caution: Beware of housing scammers and ‚Äėpirates‚Äô.

Only Next Generation Events (NXG) has been designated by SSH as the official housing company for IMSH 2020. Please be vigilant if contacted by any companies or services other than Next Generation Events that imply or claim an affiliation with IMSH 2020. These companies will have official-sounding names such as Expo Planners or CH Planners and will aggressively pursue you or your company to book guest rooms at supposedly significant discounts. Unfortunately, some past attendees and exhibitors have lost their deposits, been relocated with no warning, or have not received reservations at the hotel where they thought they were confirmed.

Reservations made through an agency other than Next Generation Events will be at your own risk.  Next Generation Events will never ask you to prepay for rooms or require a deposit.If you are contacted by another housing company trying to sell hotel rooms, notify Judy Larson, Director of Meetings & Exhibits at jlarson@ssih.org or Priscilla Lee at priscilla@nxgevents.com

Thank you to our sponsors for helping make IMSH 2020 a success!